Religious Education

Baptism: Beginning July 1st 2021, all Baptisms will be celebrated within a weekend Mass; Saturday at 4:15 pm (English), 6:30 pm (Spanish) or Sunday at 9:00 am (English). At SMM, baptisms are reserved for registered parishioners. Baptismal preparation first class session will be Saturday, August 14 at 10:30 am in the parish center, no pre-registration is required to attend.

Marriage: Couples are to contact the parish priest of their intended marriage prior to setting the date for that celebration. The Catholic Church requires formation of engaged couples which does require time and energy on the couples part to complete.

Confirmation: At SMM, preparation for the celebration of the sacrament of Confirmation is a two-year process, typically students begin their first year study in their 8th grade year (14 years old) and begin their second year study in their 9th grade year (15 years old).

Parents of students in this age/grade level are encouraged to speak with their child about the importance of the sacrament of Confirmation in their life. If the child is prepared to move forward with celebrating this sacrament, both parents and child need to set up an appointment to meet with the pastor for more information.

First Penance and First Eucharist: A parent's meeting is scheduled for sacramental preparation parents on Tuesday, August 10, at 6:00 pm.

Religious Education of children: More information coming this summer 2021.

Christian Initiation of Adults: Becoming a Roman Catholic Christian is about embracing a way of life, for the rest of your life.

Some persons are Roman Catholics all their lives. Baptized as a child, receiving the sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion at elementary school age and fully initiated into the Catholic Church with the celebration of Confirmation in middle or high school.

For unbaptized adults, the Holy Spirit may call them to a new way of living, a life of service and communion with purpose and drive to live a life as a Roman Catholic.

If you feel the tug of the Holy Spirit in your life, to live as a Christian in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, we invite to inquire how you can learn to study, to pray, and to live in our faith community.

Quinceanera: contact parish office for more information.